Update For Trapped in Silver and Other Current Projects

Blog / Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Evening to the Brits, howdy to anyone else out there!

As of last week, Trapped in Silver‘s final draft has been completed and edited. *Insert cheers and fist pumps here!* Now it’s sitting in the lap of my wonderful proofreader, Julia, waiting to be spat on and polished until it glares out, shiny and chrome in a few weeks. What a lovely day. I’ve also got a few rough sketches and pictures that I made during the editing to help me figure out what objects look like, i.e. I’ve finally designed the dastardly locket and have also sketched out a few reference images for Ava’s clothes. My fashion skills are a little rusty but we’ll see. I may post them in a few days under the ‘Trapped in Silver‘ section of the website so call back if you’re interested in seeing anything.

There has been one slight alteration in my plan this year. Where I’ve put so much effort into revamping the book and making it brilliant I’m giving it one last shot with an agent. I’m not a marketer, nor publisher, so if I could get someone to share in this experience and show me the ropes of the industry that would be awesome. But that’s not saying I’m going back on the self-publishing speech, I still think it’s a wonderful thing and that I will be continuing with it if things come back negative. I’ve still got my plan, my research, my cover designer, and it doesn’t mean that if I don’t get an agent you’ll never see Trapped in Silver, believe me, you’ll see it. I’m so unbearably happy with how it’s turned out that I’ve had to stop myself from starting on book two already. After several months of solid work, I’ve made myself take a week off…ish.

Come next week I’ll be starting on editing my screenplay The Strays for the Script Pipeline competition. *Insert cheers and whistles here!* It’s definitely going to be a challenge, but considering I haven’t even so much as thought about it since December 29th I’ll be looking at it with fresh eyes and will be well on my way to making it crrrracking…er…I hope.

So yes, I’ve rambled, did try to keep it short and sweet – TL;DR: Trapped in Silver is complete. The Strays coming next. 10/10 awesome post. 100% have cat hair in my eye…and mouth…and all over my clothes…and on my waterglass.


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