Glossary of Terms – Book One

Demons: Not the proper term for the species. Demons look like Gnathians but they have their differences, mainly in the eyes, teeth and nails.  The nails look normal at first but the skin surrounding them is tougher than a Gnathians’ as their ‘battle’ nails can extend and retract. Demons’ teeth have a feline quality: a longer canine and sharper incisor, though not obviously so. Demons’ eyes are blue, stark and beautiful like a clear sky.

Berserkers: They’re the same species as Demons but they’re tainted by Stephan’s dark power. Their teeth are sharper, their natures wilder, and their nails are constantly displayed; they can’t be retracted. Berserkers can be identified by their black eyes flecked with red – or their entirely red eyes altogether during a fight or a feeding frenzy. They feed on flesh and flesh alone.

Eldryn: They’re living deities – the five keepers of the Balance – each of whom hold an elemental power passed down from mentors and inherited from the five sons of Father and Mother Time: fire; earth; air; water; spirit. Their eyes match their element.

Skinwalker: Demon-like creatures who can shift into an animal form at will. Originally pack animals, they can also be solitary and usually lust after death and destruction, much like the Berserkers.

Gnathian: The Vremian word for ‘Human’. Gnathians are mundane and ordinary, holding no magical powers or special abilities, but they do exist inside Vremia.


Vremia – The continent in which The Eldryn Chronicles is set.

Wetherdon – The town in which Ava grew up and the story begins.

*Other names have been removed to avoid potential spoilers*


Groggnuts – Spongy, mushroom-like plants that release putrid-smelling spores when plucked

Razorcaps – Small, white-purple pearls that grow in the ground, centered in a web of fibrous barbs

Sun Spores – Yellow, buttercup-like flowers with retractable leaves. Its pollen is poisonous and burns on contact

Bitterblacks – Tall, black, grass-like plants that grow in clusters. Fatal if it makes contact with bare skin

Puca – Mischievous spirit-like creatures that have several solid forms


Father and Mother Time – The original deities; the ones who birthed the world (see below for detail).

Daeus – Gods (collective)

Daeia – God (masculine)

Daenia – Goddess (feminine)

Gehn – Vremian word for Hell

Sembeia – Vremian word for Heaven

Veneghn – Devil (genderless)

DAEIAS (Gods of:)

Kano – Sun and Father Time; The first God

Taemus – Sea

Oemis – Death/Soul collector

Andaer – Love/Vanity

Eutos – Drought/Famine

Paeterr – Arts/Music/Dance

Xander – War/Justice (twin brother of Xata)

DAENIAS (Goddesses of:)

Miah – Moon and Mother Time; The first Goddess

Xata – Wisdom/Advice (twin sister of Xander)

Arla – Fertility/Matching/Childbirth

Oesella – Pleasure/Joy

Ymeran – Wrath/Chaos

Nianne – Wildness/Animals/Life

Raenn – Healing/Medicine

THE FIVE SONS (The original Eldryn)

Fraer – Life/Florae

Manai – Fire/Light

Oori – Water/Ice

Vestyr – Air/Weather

Brasse – Earth/Mineral