Trapped in Silver

“Roan,” I said gently. He didn’t reply. I reached out my hand to touch his but the moment our skin touched my body twisted and burned, suddenly on fire. I let out a short cry before it was replaced with another, more unfamiliar pain. It took a few seconds to realise that Roan had his hand wrapped around my throat.

  My lungs screamed for the air I couldn’t move past my tongue, and blood collected in my head while a rhythmic thrum-thrum-thrum pulsed louder in my ears. I clawed at his hand, trying to get out the words I needed, to beg him to stop but the darkness possessed him at that moment. The beautiful, green eyes that once stood out under his tattered brown hair were suddenly black like a bottomless well. Even as he stared at me he showed no signs of recognition and the world around me began to fade. I pulled my hand up and placed it carefully on his cheek, stroking it with my thumb. His breathing came in rasps and for a moment I saw my name on his lips. Then something crashed into him and the night swallowed me up.

Courage comes from a shadowed place in our hearts: a blurred line that straddles love and sheer stupidity.

Ava has always been told that she was made for better things, but she never believed them. In her seventeen years she has never been in love, but has known sacrifice in love’s name. While her father dealt with the grief of her mother’s passing, Ava put aside her skirts and took up the duties of a son in order to support them. That is until Ethan, an unusual man with eyes of smoke and fire opal, crashes into her life and marks the end of her somewhat normal existence.

After a violent encounter with a group of animalistic men called Berserkers, Ava finds herself hunted by their leader, Stephan, after he forms a monstrous obsession with her. In order to escape his wrath, she must take refuge in an unfamiliar land full of strange creatures and unlikely allies. All she has on her is her bone-handled dagger, her old work boots and a silver locket that cannot be opened or removed. But when damning information surfaces, Ava must unearth the truth behind her relentless nightmares and discover things about herself that could lead to the Berserker’s, and her own, destruction.

Trapped in Silver, a Young Adult fantasy, is the first of three in its series.

Out now, Oftomes Publishing.

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