About Emily

I was born in Hampshire, U.K., to loving parents who taught me everything I ever needed to know. Mum gave me her love of reading and passion for words, while Dad taught me patience and helped to develop my frustratingly unshakable optimism, all together creating a little monster that spent most of its time day-dreaming, reading, and writing.

As I grew, my love of film, television, and video games developed; passions which continued to balloon and mutate until it was all I could ever think about.

In 2013, I graduated from Bath Spa University with a Ba/Hons in Creative Writing after studying for three years, focussing on professional writing, script writing, and novel writing.

Today, I’m a News Editor for Pocket Gamer, and have previously contributed to GameSpew, Brash Games (where most of my articles have been deleted – great), and ran my own games-related blog for two years.

As for the exciting stuff: after plenty of ups and downs since leaving university, I joined the Oftomes family in May 2016 and my debut YA novel, Trapped in Silverwas published in February 2017. Since it’s the first part in its series you can expect the next parts to follow yearly.

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